Mathematician and architect Pandelis Venizelos was searching for the right thing.

Ever-curious and observant, he took part in various projects and enterprises, gathering skills and experience, always seeking to combine his creativity and engineering mindset into something worthwhile.

And when the opportunity came to design his own hand-bag, he took it.

Wanting to create something truly personal, he spent a great deal of time and effort to figure out the process by himself. Experimenting with designs, high quality fabrics and structures, his experiemental home project came to life, short after.

Infusing his own values and principles into his work, he managed to create a unique set of handbags and backpacks with a strong inclination towards trigonometry, perfection and minimal design.

Within these bags he discovered something far more important.

A passion for product design, fashion and a new challenge. But something was missing, the personality of his products. He wanted to present to the world what he thinks about how other people see him. 

And he found it... "absolute-inaccessibility-unrecognized-genious-minimal-complex"

A few months later veni morgan was born

                       "Don’t try to be nice, don’t try to please people, because in the end will always judge you.... 

Challenge what other people say, do whatever the fuck you want!"

Pantelis Venizelos

veni morgan



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